Universal Fog Lights

880/893 LED Bulbs
880/893 LED Bulbs

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    • Beautiful white (xenon white color 6000K)
    • Long lasting
    • Low power consumption
    • Just plug in and replace stock light bulbs
    • No modification or changing wire needed
    • 18 Bright 5050 Chip MCD (thats 3 emitters per bulb)


    • LED colour: white
    • Number of bulbs: 2 
    • Voltage: DC 12V only
    • Number of LED's per bulb: 18
    • Socket type: 880 or 8XX Series such as 893
    • Brand new and packaged

Please Read Before Purchase
  • LED bulbs are perfect as fog light, but they are NOT yet bright enough as headlight bulbs - if you are looking for headlight, we do offer all types of Xenon HID kits (3000K to 30000K, 35W/55W) for your reference.
  • All bulbs are tested before dispatch. However if your bulbs do not work properly (due to damage in transit, or incorrect installation, etc), please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Model: 2x 880-13SMD-W
  • Manufactured by: Advanced German Technology

880/893 LED Bulbs
880/893 LED Bulbs

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