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Strobe Lights

86 LED Strobe Light 806-2 Strobe Lights
86 LED Strobe Light 806-2 Strobe Lights

Price:  $99.99

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86 LED LIGHT Strobe Super Bright as the Generation lll

Amber/amber available (sorry, no amber/white available)

10 Functions 1.Alternate single strobe slower 2. Alternate single strobe faster 3.Alternate 3 continues & 3 simultaneous strobe 4. Alternate 7 continues strobe faster 5. Alternate 3 continues strobe faster 6. Simultaneous single strobe slower 7.Simultaneous single strobe faster 8. simultaneous 3 continues strobe slower 9. simultaneous 2 continues slow then 5 continues strobe fast 10. random strobe  Mount in window/back deck  . 9 foot wire from light to control box . Must use control box to activate light . Cannot be used with any other control boxes . Hardwire to any 12 volt supply .

Size: 12" length x 4" height x 3" Depth . Adjustable Angle & Height  




Hi-Power LED
 43 LEDs Per side

URGENT! Colors to choose from: RED/BLUE/GREEN/WHITE/AMBER * Please specify in comments when ordering!

Example: Red/Blue or White/White etc..