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Strobe Lights

4pc 20 Watt LED Grille Strobes
4pc 20 Watt LED Grille Strobes

Price:  $129.99

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This kit includes 4 High power 5W Strobe modules (7.5 " x 1.25" depth is  1.75")

  • Strobe box
  • Wiring
  • Brackets
  • High power CREE Chips
  • From Germany


Flash Pattern

1. Slow single flash alternatively then quad flash

2. Steady on

3. Quad flash alternatively

4. Slow single flash alternatively

5. Fast sixfold flash

6. Fast single flash

7. Slow double flash

8. Quad flash alternativelyt then quad flash together

9. Circular flash

10. Slow sixfold flash

11. Slow single flash

12. Fast double flash