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Strobe Lights

4 X Decorative Strobe Flash
4 X Decorative Strobe Flash

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4 X Decorative Flash Strobe Light Bulbs Car Headlights

If you like your car to stand out and your stereo isn't grabbing enough attention, these 4 flashing bulbs are the ultimate car decoration and have 4 different flashing patterns, a speed control knob and 4 coloured caps so you can change the colour of the bulbs whenever you feel like it!

4 Decorative Flashing Patterns (to change, just press the button on the control box):

  • Light A flashes 3 times then light B flashes 3 times. Repeats continuously
  • Light A flashes once then light B flashes once. Repeats continuously
  • Lights A and B flash once at the same time. Repeats continuously
  • Lights A and B flash at the same time for 3 times before pausing then continuing


  • 4 different flashing patterns
  • Speed dial lets you control flash speed
  • 8 coloured caps let you change the colour of the lamps quickly and easily
  • Easy to control from inside your vehicle
  • Super bright
  • Long-lasting
  • Low energy doesn't zap your power supply
  • Simple to install

The bulbs are supplied with the following coloured rubber caps:

  • X2 red
  • X2 yellow
  • X2 blue
  • X2 white

The decorative flashing light bulbs are brand new and boxed and are supplied with control box, cables and 8 coloured caps

  • Bulb colour: white
  • Cap colour: red, yellow, blue and white
  • Number of bulbs: 4
  • Number of caps: 8
  • For use in DC-12V vehicles only
  • Bulb height: 3cm (1")
  • Bulb cable length: 135cm
  • Control box cable length: 50cm
  • Control box dimensions: 12 x 8.5 x 4.5cm (4.6 x 3.4 x 1.8")

4 X Decorative Strobe Flash

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