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Strobe Lights

18 LED Headlight Hide A Way Strobe Lights
18 LED Headlight Hide A Way Strobe Lights

Price:  $89.99

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For headlights or tail lights, 4 flash per/sec, 18 LED Headlight Strobe for mounting in your headlights or tail lights. Drilling required unless you are willing to drop these into your housing. Some vehicles may have extra room, some you will need to drill custom holes.

  • High Brightness
  • Lifetime Warranty

This is for only 1, remember to purchase 2. For best performance: use red in red housing, amber in amber housing, and white in white housing. How fast does it flash? 4 Flashes/sec like this : F F F F pause F F F F pause What if I want wig-wag pattern with 2 units? If you hook up 2 units each with its own flasher, intially they will flash together, but then they will get out of sync causing them to do the wig-wag pattern (left right, left right etc..)