Replacement Ballasts

D2S or D2R Replacement Ballast
D2S or D2R Replacement Ballast

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This is a replacement ballast for your D2S or D2R type HID system on your vehicle. If your vehicle came with a D2S/D2R and you have a damaged ballast, you can replace it with this ballast at fraction of the cost.

Keep in mind, you must cut the factory plug on your OEM plug to wire the Positive and Ground of our ballast to your wiring. Our plug will not be the same for powering the ballast.

The output to the bulb is 100% plug and play however. Click here for instructions on the install

Lets face it, By cutting 1 wire and making a connection, you save yourself at least $200!




  • Model: UNV-D2-BLST

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