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LED Brake Light Flasher Circuit Module
LED Brake Light Flasher Circuit Module

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Works with LED ONLY - Cannot be used with regular filament bulbs  (download installation instructions)

The brake light flash module will strobe your LED brake lights or reverse lights brightly at 10 flashes per second for two seconds every time you hit the brakes or place your vehicle into reverse. After 2 seconds the lights stays bright as long as your foot is on the brake or the vehicle is in reverse. Works with all LED brake lights or reverse light bulbs Works great for upper 3rd brake lights or custom installs.

● Socket: Universal for Cars, Trucks, Trailers, Motorcycles and More ● The flashing control module utilizes a sequencer When power is applied the module output to the LED bulb will begin a sequence as follows: 1. The led will strobe brightly at a flash rate of 10 hertz (10 cycle per second) for a period of two seconds. 2. After the first two seconds and as long as power is applied (brake pedal pressed) the LED light will remain steady on and brightly lit. 3. When power is turned off (brake pedal is released) the bulb will either; Single Circuit A. TURN OFF if lights are OFF Bulbs: 89 921 1156 7440 B. No Dim feature if lights are ON ● Operating Voltage: 11.5 - 13.5 volts ● Maximum Current : 800ma ● Material - Plastic / rubber ● 4" Long - 16 Gauge Wire Leads ● Size: Length = 1" (25.4mm) Width = 1-1/4" (31.75mm) Height = 1/2" (12.72mm)

Installation ● This unit is for LED light bulbs only  ● The installation is simple to complete. The  module is place between each brake lift bulb and the brake light switch (see schematic below) ● One module can connect to more than one led bulb, but each bulb must be connected to a module in order for that light to flash. In most instances (to avoid running extra wiring), it is easiest to install one module at each led light (ie: one module on each side of the vehicle). If you have more than one brake light on each side of the vehicle, one module can be used on each side (2 modules for four lights). ● 89, 921, 1156, 7440 Single circuit LED bulbs: Blue Wire - Connects to the (+) brake light wire towards the bulb side Brown Wire - Connects to the (+) brake light wire towards the power or battery side Important notes ● This module is NOT suited for filament style bulbs. A filament style bulb is not capable of switching fast, and cannot strobe. The power draw of the filament style bulb will damage the flashing brake light module. ● The dual circuit modules have the words "FLASHING CONTROL MODULE" molded into the black case. The end closest to the word "FLASHING" must be toward the battery, and the word "MODULE" must be oriented closest to the LED bulb. If the module is installed backwards, it will not work. ● The module may not work with some vehicles that modulate voltage to a single circuit bulb for brake indication Other ● Quantity for this listing = 1 qty


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LED Brake Light Flasher Circuit Module

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