H7 HID Bulbs

Halogen Super White H7 Bulbs
Halogen Super White H7 Bulbs

Price:  $21.99
Sale: $16.49


Not to be mistaken for HID or Xenon Bulbs, these upgraded Halogen bulbs will give you a super white color. Please note these will not be anywhere the brightness of a HID kit. They are only for customer who want a low cost bulb replacement.

  • These bulbs are made of high quality material and Japan-import filament; they passed all the quality control tests for brightness, consistence, long-lasting and safety before import
  • Includes 2 bulbs
  • H7 Fitment
  • Halogen with added xenon gases
  • Direct swap - No ballast needed
  • Emits 4300-5000 K White Light
  • Standard Wattage 55W


  • Model: 2x H7-GEN-HLGN
  • Manufactured by: GENSSI