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German Technology HID Conversion Kit
German Technology HID Conversion Kit

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True German Technology HID conversion kit for your vehicle provides 3 times more light on the road than traditional halogen headlights! Top quality Made in Germany these kits are manufactured under the most strict quality control within a ISO-9001 certified factory. The ballast and the bulb in this kit have passed the most stringent OEM specific test by OSRAM of Germany. All HID kits sold by comes with a 1 year warranty against defects.

  • 3000K = Yellow Tint
  • 4300K = White
  • 6000K = Pure White (On Special for $79.99 Limited time! Limted Quantities) 
  • 8000 = Slight Tint of Blue
  • 10000K = Tint of Blue
  • 12000K = Our Most Blue
  • 30000K= Purple Tint


6000K Examples:


100% water proof construction, you can submerge the entire kit under water and it will function correctly Integrated one piece Ballast, simplified wiring which eliminates any unnecessary confusion during install. More than 16+ bulb types, we will have the right bulb type for your vehicle 0.3% failure rate, compared to 5-10% failure rate of other HID Conversion kits currently out on the market, the reliability is comparable to that of OEM HIDs. Color temperature output has tolerance of +/- 100K resulting in tolerance is unnoticeable by human eyes. Superior lumen output compare to competitor quality bulbs from Bosch Japan. Color Temperature a measurement in Degrees (K) that indicates the hue of light source. There is a common mis-conception that color temperature is a rating of the brightness of the bulbs. The real truth is, the higher the color temperature, the less light output from the HID bulbs you will get. So yes (Higher Kelvins) = less light output


Will this kit work on my vehicle? Yes! Please specify below your vehicle information and we guarantee to send you a kit for your vehicles factory headlights or fog lights of your choosing! Simple plug and play installation!

Do I lose my high beams? No, if your vehicle only uses 1 bulb for low and high beam, our bulbs will have a halogen bulb built into the HID bulb so you will have a working halogen high beam.

Do these lights have any warranty? Yes! We warranty all our HID Kits by a 1 year warranty..

This kit includes: 2 Ballasts, 2 Bulbs, Brackets, Wiring for your car and basic instructions.

Will this kit fit my car if I have factory xenon: No, this is only for vehicles that did not come with xenon from factory. The vehicles with factory xenon use totally different types of bulbs and ballasts. Call us!

Why shop with us? Why should I buy from your company? We pride ourselves on supplying you the brightest, easiest to install and most reliable HID kit on the market. Through research and development we offer you products we use in our own vehicles, true tested! We offer email and phone technical support by people who install these kits for a living, not desk workers. Each kit is packaged carefully to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. Buy with confidence from us; we are the true HID experts.

  • Model: German Technology
  • Manufactured by: Advanced German Technology

German Technology HID Conversion Kit
German Technology HID Conversion Kit
German Technology HID Conversion Kit

German Technology HID Conversion Kit
German Technology HID Conversion Kit
German Technology HID Conversion Kit

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