D4R HID Bulbs

Replace your D4R with Philips or German Technology brand bulbs. Save tons over the dealer prices! Choose the color you want. Got a quality car and you aren’t exactly impressed with your less than great quality stock OEM halogen lights? Look no further than at HID Xenon Lights! We have the perfect answer for you. All you have to do is get some high intensity discharge D4R bulbs for your car and you will be breath taken from the amount of power that these babies emit. HID lights will not only make your car safer to drive, but it will be just what your car needs to get it noticed in front of all the ladies! All of our HID lights are made with highly effective xenon gas to give you the best lights out there besides the sun!

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D4R HID Bulbs D4R AGT OEM Bulb

1 X AGT 4300K/6000K D4R (Reflector Type) Burner 4300K...
Sale: $44.99

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D4C D4S or D4R HID Bulbs 6000K-12000K

D4R HID Bulbs D4S or D4R HID Bulbs 6000K-12000K

AGT - German: One Pair (2) D4C Bulbs D4C for D4R+D4S...

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D4S/D4R D4S or D4R OEM Ballast

D4R HID Bulbs D4S or D4R OEM Ballast

D4S/D4R OEM Ballast fitment only. If your D4S/D4R...

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