D2R HID Bulbs

D2R HID Bulbs OEM AGT Pair
D2R HID Bulbs OEM AGT Pair

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Price is for TWO Bulbs - This listing is for a Brand New set of two Genuine AGT Limited Edition D2R HID/XENON Replacement bulbs with part# '85126'. These bulbs are very rare to find in the market and would replace the stock HID light bulbs on vehicles such as ACURA, AUDI, BMW, BENZ, and etc... , that originally came with factory HID lighting system as stock/OEM option.

The color of all D2R HID bulbs is subjected to change over time to become bluer and whiter as more usage applies on the bulbs. At the same time, the lighting output (known as lumen) decreases and gets dimmer lighting output. These limited version of '85126' bulbs do not colorshift and lose lighting output but they maintain the strong lighting performance without colorshifting process.

We offer these bulbs in two types: 4300K or 6000K. As many automotive enthusiasts are already aware of, AGT HID bulb has the best quality in terms of lighting output, life time, and color among many other aftermarket brand bulbs and that is why these bulbs are used by high-end vehicles as dealer's certified parts. Kelvin: 4,300K Lumen: 3,200 LM Lamp Voltage & Power: 85V, 35W Life time: Est. 3,000 Hrs Warranty: 1 Year

Choose 4300K Below if you want OEM Color White

Choose 6000K Below if you want White with very slight tint of blue

  • Model: 2x D2R-PH
  • Manufactured by: Advanced German Technology

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