D1S HID Bulbs

Have you had experience with HID xenon bulbs in the past only to have them burn out easily or even damage your headlight housing? Chances are that you may have been unfortunate enough to order HID lights that were made in China. Replace your lights with D1S/D1R HID xenon lights and we swear on our lives that they are shipped straight from Japan! Japanese HID lights are the best in the world! You feel like your car is best in the world, why shouldn’t your lights be as well! Order a pair of D1S/D1R HID lights and your car will be humming a whole different tune!

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Model Product Image D1S HID Bulbs Item Name Price
D1S/D1R D1S & D1R HID Replacement Bulbs

D1S HID Bulbs D1S & D1R HID Replacement Bulbs

2 x D1S & D1R Bulbs for replacement of damaged...
Sale: $67.49

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D1S HID Bulbs D1S HID Bulb AGT

D1S HID Bulb AGT - 4300K or 6000K - Fits: Xenarc D1S...

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UNV-D1-BLST D1S/D1R Ballast

D1S HID Bulbs D1S/D1R Ballast

OEM Replacement D1S Ballast - Waterproof and...
Sale: $74.99

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D1S & D1R Replacement Ballast

D1S HID Bulbs D1S & D1R Replacement Ballast

AGT Brand D1S or D1R Ballast. Works with either type...
Sale: $112.49

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